Frequently Asked Questions



What are the biggest differences between the new major and the old major?

The changes aren’t sweeping, but they will help you complete your major easier than before:

  • WGSST 2300: Feminist Inquiry is replaced by WGSST 3575: Feminist Methodology
  • Instead of completing a track, students take 7 WGSST courses of their choosing, with some checkboxes to complete along the way.
    • One elective must come from the Women of Color course list
    • One elective must come from the Global and Transnational course list
      • These must be separate courses
    • Three electives must come at the 3000-level of above
    • One elective must be a 4000-level WGSST course
  • These checkboxes can be completed as separate requirements, or overlap (with the exception of the Women of Color and the Global and Transnational Feminisms courses). For example, you could take a 2000-level WoC course and a different 4000-level course, or you could take a 4000-level WoC course to fulfil both requirements

See the major page and download the new major program form for full details.


What are the biggest differences between the new minor and the old minor?

Instead of requiring a Women of Color course, minors may now select a Women of Color or Global and Transnational Feminisms course, making the minor even easier to complete.

See the minor page and download the new minor program form for full details.


What happened to WGSST 2300: Feminist Inquiry?

WGSST 2300 was replaced by WGSST 3575: Feminist Methodology. The new core course is designed to better prepare you for WGSST 4575: Senior Research Capstone or a senior thesis project.


If I already took WGSST 2300 what should I do?

If you’ve already taken 2300, you do not need to take 3575. However, you can take 3575 and count one of these courses as an elective if you’d like!


Do I still have to take senior seminar?

Yes, WGSST 4575: Senior Research Capstone is still required for majors to graduate.


What happened to the tracks? What if I’ve already started one?

Courses shift over time with new instructors and current research. Asking students to complete tracks where courses didn’t fit anymore didn’t make sense. Instead, the new curriculum allows students to take all sorts of WGSS courses as in an open elective plan. Your interests likely don’t fit neatly into a track, so the new major plan won’t force you into one!

If you’ve already started a track, you can either finish it or select other WGSS courses to fill out your elective requirements.


Can I still take courses outside of WGSS and count them towards the major or minor?

Yes, certain approved-related courses will still count towards the major and minor plans. All core courses, WoC courses, and GTF courses must be taken within the department. And at least one 4000-level or above course needs to be a WGSST course too.


If I’m an honors student. Who should I talk to?

If you have a quick question, feel free to contact any of the following people:

For more in-depth plan discussions, contact Dr. Latorre to schedule a meeting.


I’m a graduating senior. Do I have to fulfill the new Global and Transnational Feminisms course requirement?

No, but we encourage you to consider it! Our GTF courses are some of the most thought provoking courses in the curriculum!


How do I know if a course is a Women of Color or Global and Transnational Feminisms course?

You can check out the lists of WoC and GTF courses here.


How do you determine if a course is a Women of Color or Global and Transnational Feminisms course?

Instead of relying on a percentage of the content of a course to make that determination, we look at the course goals, outcomes and proficiencies of the course. If the course commits to certain goals, we can confidently say the course is achieving the outcomes of a WoC or GTF course without micromanaging the content.

We'll have more information about our curriculum and the goals of the department available soon.  


I want to declare! What do I do?

To declare the major, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarah Dunlap, the WGSS Advisor. To declare the minor, you can contact your primary academic advisor as every advisor may declare the minor.


My OnCourse isn’t working. How do I schedule an appointment?

Call ASC Advising at (614) 292-6961 to schedule an appointment with the WGSS advisor.

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