WGSS Committees


Committee Assignments 2020-2021

Advisory Committee

Shannon Winnubst
Jian Chen (GS)
Mary Thomas (UGS)
Lyn Tjon Soei Len (junior faculty rep.) 

Graduate Studies 

Jian Chen (Chair, year 1)
Linda Mizejewski (year 1)
Affiliated Faculty: Mollie Blackburn
Grad: Mary Byrne

Undergraduate Studies

Mary Thomas (Chair, year 2)
Cynthia Burack(year 1)
Jessica Delgado (year 1)
Affiliated Faculty: Lucy Murphy
Grad: Kayley DeLong
Undergrad: Emily Montenegro
Undergrad: Syreeta Palackdharry

Promotion and Tenure

Linda Mizejewski (year 1)

Research and Development

Guisela Latorre (Chair, year 2)
Lyn Tjon Soei Len (year 1)*
Grad: TBA

TA Supervisor

Guisela Latorre


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