Textbook Ordering

Instructors (including Faculty, Associated Faculty, and Graduate Students) should place their own textbook orders on-line. According to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), deadlines for ordering textbooks are:

for Summer:  by April 1
for Autumn:  by April 1
for Spring:    by October 1

For instructors seeking affordable or open materials, visit affordablelearning.osu.edu.   

A reminder that all sections of WGSST 1110 should utilize Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings *Seventh Edition by Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee. The ISBN is 9780190924874.

Books/Course Packets

Barnes and Noble | The on-line service, FacultyEnlight, is the preferred method for ordering textbooks through B&N. FacultyEnlight provides access to all required information the bookstore needs to fulfill orders conveniently in one location.  It also stores individual faculty and book ordering information for quick and easy ordering in the future.  To get started with FacultyEnlight review the following quick-start guide: FacultyEnlight Quick Start Guide [pdf].  Assistance:  Please direct textbook order questions and questions regarding desk copies* to Brad Clucus, Textbook Manager at 614-247-2220.   

Course Packets. Instructors using a course packet along with class texts should include a note on the official book order stating that in addition to class texts supplemental materials will be made available. The instructor should contact students directly via e-mail at the earliest opportunity to inform them of the availability of the course pack. Instructors using ONLY a course pack should submit the book order form indicating "no text," and contact students directly via e-mail as soon as possible to indicate availability through UniPrint or other provider of the instructor’s choosing. A "no text" entry will prevent the course from appearing on the bookstore’s list of non-responsive sections.

Once you have ordered your books, email a copy of your order to jones.6187@osu.edu to ensure the information is on file for students in the department. 

Desk Copies for Instructors

Desk copies are free copies of textbooks used by instructors (faculty, affiliated faculty, lecturers, and graduate teaching assistants/associates) in order to instruct a course or recitation. They are typically to be ordered directly from the respective book publisher (i.e. - Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions would be ordered through Oxford University Press publishing).