Community Outreach


Feminist studies often focus on the lived realities of marginalized, oppressed, and exploited people. Our scholarship cannot be disconnected from the activist and social justice work being done in our communities and the connections between grassroots work and feminist thought are reciprocal and vital. The knowledge we create and theorize in our classrooms is rooted in the experiences of our students and faculty, and the communities they come from.

We would love to come and speak to your group about topics you're interested. We can work with you to match your interest and/or group objectives with one of our experts to host an enriching conversation on a variety of topics. 

Below are a list of talks our faculty have given and/or are in the works:

  • Prisons and Abolition
  • Racism 101
  • Reproductive Justice in Ohio
  • Global and Transnational Reproductive Justice Movements
  • Art and Resistance
  • Latina Social Movements
  • Immigration
  • Trump's Coalition and the Makeup of the Alt-Right
  • Global Capitalism and Oppression

Please contact us at or (614) 292-1021 if you are interested in having a speaker or to discuss potential collaborations!