Cynthia Burack

Professor, Department of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
I work in the areas of feminist political theory and political psychology. My research focuses on identity groups, group ideologies and cultures, and the dynamics of leadership. Before coming to OSU, I taught at George Washington University and the University of Florida in both political science and women's studies. Jyl J. Josephson and I currently edit a book series at SUNY Press in "Queer Politics and Cultures". My most recent book in sexuality studies is Tough Love: Sexuality, Compassion, and the Christian Right (SUNY, 2014), and my current research focuses on US government interventions and advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ people abroad.
The Problem of the Passions: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Social Theory (New York University Press, 1994)
Fundamental Differences: Feminists Talk Back to Social Conservatives, edited with Jyl J. Josephson (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003)
Healing Identities: Black Feminist Thought and the Politics of Groups (Cornell University Press, 2004)
Sin, Sex, and Democracy: Antigay Politics and the Christian Right (State University of New York Press, 2008)
Tough Love: Sexuality, Compassion, and the Christian Right (SUNY, 2014)

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