Dubin Interns with LGBTQ Health Initiative at Columbus Public Health

November 10, 2014
Sam Dubin

Sam Dubin is a fourth year Sexuality Studies minor currently interning with the LGBTQ Health Initiative at Columbus Public Health. Sam’s Sexuality Studies coursework and interest in a medical career led him to pursue an opportunity that combined hands on experience with health care and sexuality.  Working with the LGBTQ Health Initiative has allowed Sam to see how various topics from Sexuality Studies syllabi manifest in a clinical and public health setting. Through helping with events, researching LGBTQ health care resources, and meeting with community health care providers, Sam has been able to explore the many ways that sexuality affects not only physical health, but also how health care is provided. Sam sees this internship as the starting point for a medical career providing culturally competent health care and advocating for policy that benefits LGBTQ patients.