Samuel Steward

Samuel Steward's influences and legacies stretch across many areas of specialization--academia, tattooing, writing, erotica, art--and many geographies--such as Columbus, Montana, Washington, Chicago, Milwaukee, Paris, Rome, Oakland, and San Francisco.  An overview of his life has been produced by In the Life video.  A slideshow of his Ohio State connections reveals that his experiences here as an undergraduate and graduate student from 1927-34 shaped his life in important ways (e.g., helping him to make contact with major writers of his day, such as Gertrude Stein; generating interest in an academic life which he later eschewed; and providing the setting for one of his major novels).  The slideshow also emphasizes Steward's influence at Ohio State, where he earned a measure of fame on campus for his writing and twice shocked the English department (in his entrance exam and his dissertation) by alluding to homosexuality.