Queer Places, Practices & Lives


Sexuality Studies hosted approximately 400 attendees at Queer Places, Practices, and Lives: A Symposium in Honor of Samuel Steward held May 18-19, 2012 on the Ohio State University campus.  With the co-sponsorship of DISCO (the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU), the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of English, the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and over 13 other departments and organizations across and beyond campus*, the Symposium featured roundtables, presentations, and showcases of work from nearly 150 community members, artists, researchers, and students from across the U.S. and internationally.

The Symposium became possible through the efforts of the faculty, graduate students, and staff that comprised its planning committee** and, in part, with funds made available from the estate of Samuel Steward, OSU B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English (1927-34), tattoo artist (under the pseudonym Phil Sparrow), visual artist, gay eroticist (under the pen name Phil Andros), author, and queer icon.

Two exhibitions of queer materials related to Steward and the conference themes, a keynote address by Steward biographer Justin Springtwo plenary sessions featuring major scholars in queer studies, a cadre of featured speakers, and thirty-plus panels engaged a broad spectrum of connections between queerness and different experiences, perspectives, and histories.