Keynotes: Sara Ahmed & Eli Clare

"Willful Queers and Other Wayward Subjects," Sara Ahmed

Sara AhmedThis lecture explores the queer potential of will. Beginning with the idea of will as 'what snaps the bond of fate' (Lucretius) the lecture offers a queer materialism as way of attending to the deviations of the past. The lecture will also explore how willfulness can be the basis of a queer kinship between those that are assumed to 'get in the way' of what is 'on the way' including objects as well as subjects.
Sara Ahmed is one of the leading queer/cultural/race studies scholars of the 21st century and author of On Being Included (2012), The Promise of Happiness (2010), Queer Phenomenology (2006), The Cultural Politics of Emotion (2004), Strange Encounters (2000), and Differences that Matter (1998). Her influential research is concerned with how bodies and worlds take shape; and how power is secured and challenged in everyday life worlds, as well as institutional cultures. She begins with the messiness of the experiential, the unfolding of bodies into worlds, and the drama of contingency, how we are touched by what comes near. Her work explores how differences, otherness, and strangeness become “properties” of bodies and spaces over time. Visit her web site here.

"Yearning Toward Carrie Buck," Eli Clare

Eli ClareThe infamous Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell, which declared involuntary sterilization laws constitutional in 1927, was built upon the body of Carrie Buck, a poor white woman from Virginia. Using history, poetry, images, and imagination, Eli Clare will explore how disability, class, gender, sexuality, and race collide and ask questions about the relationship between bodies on one hand and law, history, and metaphor on the other.

* Eli Clare is a writer and proudly proclaims a penchant for rabble-rousing. He has written a book of essays, Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation (1999, 2009), and a collection of poetry, The Marrow’s Telling: Words in Motion (2007). His work has also been published in many periodicals and anthologies. Eli speaks, teaches, and facilitates all over the United States and Canada at conferences, community events, and colleges about disability, queer and trans identities, and social justice. Among other pursuits, he has walked across the United States for peace, coordinated a rape prevention program, and helped organize the first Queerness and Disability Conference. Visit his web site here.

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