To build awareness of—and responsiveness to—accessibility for people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses and people with different abilities, bodies, and minds, the organizers of Queer Practices, Places, and Lives III ask participants to note the following guidelines and accommodations.

Scent-free, tobacco-free

Please help us keep the entire conference tobacco-free and scent-free to reduce chemical exposure and injury. The OSU campus is tobacco-free. Please join us in planning ahead to forego using perfume, cologne, and essential oils while attending the conference and, if possible, to use fragrance-free detergent on your clothes. For resources on chemical sensitivities and becoming scent-free, see, for example, the East Bay Meditation Center fragrance free statement, the “Fragrance free femme of colour realness” blog post by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and this interview with Dr. Mel Chen on their book Animacies.

Accessible presentations

We ask conference presenters to strive to make their presentations as accessible as possible. Although we are not asking participants to submit their presentations in advance, we would suggest having several large-font paper copies on hand (even if they are only outlines), captioning videos, and describing images when necessary. We will also have index cards available for audience members who prefer to communicate in writing during the Q&A portions of the sessions. For helpful presentation guidelines, visit the Composing Access Project’s website, and the Society for Disability Studies’ “Accessibility Guidelines for Presentations” page.

Wheelchair accessibility and parking

The conference location at the Ohio Union is wheelchair accessible, and the parking garage next to the Ohio Union has disability parking on each floor. A disability access map of the Ohio Union can be found here [pdf]. Information about ADA parking on campus, including a map, can be found here.

Gender-neutral, wheelchair-accessible restrooms

There are two permanent gender-neutral restrooms located on the first floor of the Ohio Union: one in the Multicultural Center (first floor), and one on the third floor. In addition, the restrooms nearest the U.S. Bank Conference Theater (first floor), where the keynotes take place, and the Barbie Tootle Room (third floor), where the panel sessions take place, will also be designated as gender-neutral for the duration of the conference. All of the restrooms in the Union are wheelchair-accessible as well. A map of the Ohio Union rooms can be found here.

Quiet space

The Interfaith Prayer & Reflection Room on the third floor of the Ohio Union has been designated as a quiet room for the duration of the conference. Participants and attendees may use this space to rest, relax, and unwind in a noise-free environment. We ask everyone to respect this purpose and to keep conversation and discussion in public spaces.

CART services and captioning

We will have CART service (real-time transcription) projected at the opening keynote address and the closing keynote conversation. The film MAJOR!, which will be screened as part of the closing keynote event, will have English subtitles.

*Our thanks to Dr. Margaret Price and Joy Ellison for their assistance with thinking through accessibility needs and with pointing us in the direction of key internet resources.


Other accommodations can be requested on the registration form.