Spring 2007

EDU P&L 270: Social Justice Educators in Higher Education and the Workplace: Developing Understandings of Culture, Gender and Sexuality

Instructor: L. Mrozek (R. Hollingsworth)
Time: R 3:30– 5:48
Location: AP 0345

Education PAES 204: Sexuality & Health

Instructor: tba
Time: W 5:30-7:48
Location: Townshend Hall 247

Instructor: tba
Time: MW 8:30-9:48
Location: Ramseyer Hall 336

English 580: Special Topics in Gay and Lesbian Language and Literature: Gay and Lesbian Historical Fiction

Instructor: N. Jones
Time: TR 3:30-5:18pm
Location: Denney Hall 206
Call Number: 08465-7

History 326: The History of Modern Sexualities

Instructor: D. Guy
Time: WF 11:30-1:18
Location: Macquigg Laboratory 160
Call Number: 11198-6

History 526: Historical Perspectives on Sexuality: Same Sexuality in Western World

Instructor: M. Hegarty
Time: TR 10:30-12:18
Location: Scott Laboratory 054
Call Number: 11215-1


History 781: Crossing Borders: Migration, Race, and Sexuality

Instructor: J. Wu 
Time: M 1:30-3:18 
Location: University Hall 028 

Human Development and Family Science 670.02: Human Sexuality(3)

Instructor: J. Schultz
Time: TR 1:30-2:48
Location: Campbell Hall 167

Psychology 333.02: Human Behavior Problems-Sexual

Instructor: L. Cravens-Brown
Time: TR 10:30-12:18
Location: PS 0002
Call Number: 17745-1

Psychology 555: Adolescent Sexuality

Instructor: R. Montemayor
Time: TR 3:00-4:48
Location: 10 Psychology Building
Call Number: 20846-3

Social Work 597: Adolescent Parenthood

Instructor: S. Deluca
Time: TR 3:30-5:48
Location: McPherson 2017

Instructor: A. Winfield
Time: MW 6:30-8:48
Location: McPherson 2017

Instructor: S. Deluca
Time: TR 11:30-1:48
Location: 0216 Plumb Hall

Social Work 695.20: Sexualities Diversity and Social Work(3)

Instructor: B. Speziale
Time: R 11:00-1:18
Location: Stillman Hall

Instructor: B. Speziale
Time: F 1:00-3:18
Location: Stillman Hall 145

Sociology 605: The Sociology of Sexuality

Instructor: J. Gray
Time: TR 1130-1:18
Location: DL 113
Call Number: 18680-5

Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 230: Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Popular Culture (5)

Instructor: L. Mizejewski
Time: TR 11:30-1:18
Location: tba
Call Number: 20275-9

Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 540: Women of Color Writing Culture: Stories of Interracial Intimacy

Instructor: N. Ehlers
Location: Caldwell Labratory 220