Double Majors and Dual Degrees

The Sexuality Studies Major is now available as a stand-alone degree, but students may also choose to join it with other majors as either a Double Major or a Dual Degree.  There are important differences between Dual Degrees and Double Majors and students should be sure to consult both a Sexuality Studies advisor and the official College of Arts and Sciences policies governing Double Majors and Dual degrees.

Students pursuing double majors, and intending to earn a single diploma at graduation, must complete 18 semester-hours of coursework that is unique to each major.  Up to 9 semester-hours of coursework may count toward both programs and ‘overlap’ the two majors (assuming the availability of relevant courses).  Double majors that are often pursued with the Sexuality Studies Major include English; HDFS; History; Psychology; Social Work; Sociology; and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Students pursuing Dual Degrees, in contrast, who can earn multiple diplomas at graduation, cannot ‘double-count’ any coursework to satisfy the requirements of more than one major.  The coursework that comprises each of the student’s degrees (as well as their GEC requirements) must be completely separate and unique.  Sexuality Studies can be pursued as a dual degree with any other major at OSU.