Autumn 2011 Graduate Course Offerings

Art Education

ART ED 835Visual Representations of LGBT Subjects (5 hrs)

Instructor: J. Sanders
TR 7:30-9:48
Location: 110K Ohio Stadium
Call Number: 26250 

Comparative Studies

CS 535: Gender, Sexuality, and Science (5 hrs)

Instructor: N. Jesser

Time: MW 3:30-5:18
Location: Derby Hall 48
Call Number: 05960

CS 826: Religion and Sexuality (5 hrs)

Instructor: H. Urban 
Time: TR 9:30-11:18 
Location: 50 Hagerty 
Call Number: 26683


ENGL 580: Special topics n Gay and Lesbian Language and Literature (5 hrs)

Instructor: J.Chen
Time: MW 3:30-5:18
Location: 131 Koffolt Lab
Call Number: 26299

ENGL 858: Introduction to Graduate Study in US Ethnic Literatures and Cultures: Queer of Color Literature and Theory (5 hrs)

Instructor: M. Ponce
Time: TR 9:30-11:18
Location: 291 Journalism
 Number: 26070

Human Development & Family Science

HDFS 670.02: Human Sexuality (3 hrs)

Instructor: R. Gangamma
Time: TR 1:30-2:48
Location: 167 Campbell Hall
Call Number: 09536

HDFS 862: Romantic Relationships and Violence (3 hrs)

Instructor: A. Bonomi
Time: W 1:30-3:48
Location: 206 Pomerene Hall
Call Number: 22481


PSYC 555: Adolescent Sexuality (5 hrs)

Instructor: R. Montemayor
Time: TR 9:30-11:18
Location: 100 Ramseyer
Call Number: 23266

Social Work

SW 695.17: AIDS: Facts and Issues (3 hrs)

Instructor: R. Love
Time: M 5:30-8:18
Location: 387 Arps
Call Number: 17510


SOCI 605: Sociology of Sexuality (5 hrs)*

Instructor: Staff
Time: TR 1:30-3:18
Location: Stillman Hall 145
Call Number: 17753

Instructor: Staff
Time: MW 3:30-5:18
Location: 306 Pomerene
Call Number: 17754

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WGSS 575: Contemporary Issues in Feminist Theory (5 hrs)

Instructor: S. Winnubst
Time: TR 12:30-4:18
Location: 151 University Hall
Call Number: 19173

WGSS 620: Women and Comedy (5 hrs)

Instructor: L. Mizejewski
Time: TR 3:30-5:18
Location: 286A University Hall
Call Number: 26447

WGSS 860: Judith Butler (5 hrs)

Instructor: M. Thomas
Time: F 1:30-4:18
Location: 286A University Hall
Call Number: 22052

*This course can count for the GIS only if taught by an instructor with a Ph.D. or a faculty member.  Please check with the Sociology Department to determine the status of the instructor.