Undergraduate Major and Minor

The Sexuality Studies Program at OSU offers both an interdisciplinary minor and major (B.A.) for undergraduates.  Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the analysis of human sexuality.  It explores the historical, political, biological, cultural, sociological, educational, legal, health, aesthetic, and psychological contexts of human sexuality.  Ohio State's Sexuality Studies program pays particular attention to processes and practices of normalization in different cultures and times through which certain sexual behaviors, expressions, or identities are esteemed and others devalued.  It also investigates the ways in which sexuality is shaped by other social differences such as race, gender, class, dis/ability, religion, nationality, and ethnicity.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization

Sexuality Studies offers OSU Graduate Students the opportunity to pursue an Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization ("GIS") as a complement to their main program of study.


Course offerings for the Major, Minor, and GIS are drawn from four colleges and at least 13 departments.

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